All Technology Services We Offer

Las Vegas is a thriving, competitive city for small business. If you’re a business owner here, you know that getting timely computer repair is a challenge. Who do you call when an important office computer goes down? How can you find a support company that treats your technology disaster with the urgency it deserves?

The answer? Jasco Technology

Maybe your business isn’t large enough to justify an internal I.T. department. That’s OK. We’re here to be your I.T. department. We’re adept at keeping your business and technology in harmony. And we’re available during your business hours--not just the 9 to 5 that many other Las Vegas IT support companies are open.

With so many choices, why Chose Jasco Technology?

  1. Extremely responsive support - Many companies struggle to find fast resolution to their technology problems. We understand that every minute your technology is not working is costing your business valuable time and money. Computer outages cause a drop in productivity, employee moral and customer satisfaction. Our ultra rapid response times will help make your technology frustrations a thing of the past.
  2. Highly Skilled Staff - We only employee support technicians and engineers that have the knowledge and experience to fix and maintain your computer systems right the First Time. No more having the "computer guy" standing over your broken computer with a confused look not able to correct your problem. All of our staff is required to complete training classes to keep up with the ever changing technology your business relies on.
  3. We strive to understand how technology fits into your business - We're not just the "computer guy" that shows up to fix your computer when it breaks. Jasco technology makes understanding how your Las Vegas business utilizes technology our number one goal. Having a partner that not only knows what technology your business needs now, but what you'll need as you grow is critical to your businesses success. We have helped our Las Vegas clients grow from a couple employees to over 50. You can be confident that Jasco Technology is the right choice to support your technology needs regardless of the size of your company.
  4. Jasco Technology Does Not Employ Sales People - You will always speak to a computer technician, not a high pressure sales person. Our philosophy is for you to talk to someone that understands your businesses technology instead of a sales person motivated by making a sale.

Below are most of the technology services we offer, please contact us if your support need it not listed, chances are we support it.