Computer Tune-up

Your computer does not have the speed it used to. Many times it is caused by a virus using your computers resources, too many applications automatically starting when Windows starts or a host of other causes. Your computer is like your car, it requires maintenance to continue to run without trouble. Call Jasco Technology get your computer running fast like it used to.

Our technician will fix the problems that cause your computer to run slow. We have an extensive checklist of services that we perform during your computer's tune-up.

Some of the services included in a computer tune-up

  • Removal of all Virus and Malware/Adware
  • Error log check and errors fixed
  • Disk Defragment
  • Removal of unwanted programs
  • Creation of System Repair Disk
  • Internet speed check
  • All hardware is checked for adequacy
  • Remove temp files
  • Update Windows, system drivers and installed software

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