Professional IT Services

Help from technology experts whenever you need it

How does it work?

Some of our Las Vegas-area clients need help with their IT, but not at a level that justifies Jasco Technology’s Managed IT Services solution and the unlimited support that comes with it. If your business fits into this category, our Professional IT Services is designed just for you.

Your business will have access to all our IT Support services, but will be billed on an “as needed” basis. Alternatively, you can also pre-purchase hours at a discounted rate.

Perfect for small businesses

Companies that don’t rely heavily on technology or that aren’t regulated by data security standards often have only a handful of IT issues in any given month. In some cases, technology planning is barely even a blip on their operational radar. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t the occasional malware infection or fried hard drive that needs an expert’s touch.

Our Professional IT Services include everything you need to resolve issues quickly and thoroughly.

Not every business needs proactive tech support and 24/7 network monitoring. Call Jasco Technology for nuts-and-bolts IT assistance at rock-bottom rates.

Professional IT Services can help with:

  • Removing malware infections
  • Troubleshooting hardware and software issues
  • Installing and configuring new solutions
  • Optimizing network and desktop performance

Managed IT Services

Unlimited support from experts that only profit when your technology is working at peak performance.

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Monitoring & Maintenance

Network supervision and security checkups that keep you compliant with industry regulations.

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Supported Industries

IT support for law offices, accountants, restaurants, insurance, and a broad range of other industries.

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