Five reasons to move to managed IT services

Managed IT services benefit businesses with proactive round-the-clock security, access to a team of diverse IT experts, and affordable and consistent costs. 


The alternative model – reactive break/fix support – is no longer a sustainable option for a growing and reputable business. It’s not enough to sit back and hope that issues won’t arise with your hardware, software, or cybersecurity. Tech problems occur all the time, and they can ruin a business’s finances and reputation. More and more, employees, customers, and supply-chain partners are demanding more confidence from technology. 


Read on to learn why switching from break-fix to managed IT has five distinct advantages for your business. 



Managed IT services benefits and advantages


1. Prevention vs. reaction

Which sounds better to you: catching a baseball before it shatters your window or sweeping up glass after the window’s been broken? Because that’s exactly the difference between managed IT and break/fix.


The break/fix IT model means you pay for support when something goes wrong—after the damage is done. You are reacting to failures rather than preventing them. If it’s a performance issue, your network might be down for days, or you may need to invest in new hardware. If it’s security related, losses or liabilities could be devastating. Either way, this reactive approach can lead to reduced employee and customer confidence, which in turn can significantly impact your bottom line. With this band-aid type of service you will never benefit from IT as an asset.

A managed IT provider, on the other hand, is incentivized to prevent problems. They will monitor your systems, keeping disruptions to a minimum. They will implement a strategy that proactively prevents failure from hardware, software, compliance, or cybersecurity. And they can offer expert guidance on a long-term IT strategy for keeping performance high and costs low.


2. Helpdesk support 

You don’t have to face complicated tech problems alone or wait for a break/fix provider’s availability. Working with a managed service provider gives you access to round-the-clock monitoring and live IT support. If any issue or error should occur, you have a direct line to reach your expert IT partner, as opposed to having to get in touch with a company you barely know and asking them to fit you into their busy schedule.



3. Easy budgeting and lower long-term costs

You may think you’re saving money by not using managed IT services—but only so long as nothing goes wrong. If you encounter a significant tech issue, it may take a considerable amount of time and money to fix—money that your initial yearly budget didn’t account for. 


Managed service contracts typically have set monthly costs, which simplify accurate budgeting. They can also help optimize that budget, letting you know what technology to prioritize and what to avoid. And a good managed service provider can plan upgrades to ensure compatibility of your systems and avoid obsolescence. 



4. Access to experts

You may have a tech-savvy person around the office, but IT today is so varied it requires multiple areas of expertise and a constant effort to keep skills up to date. Contracting a managed service provider gives you access to a diverse team of IT experts with the latest technological know-how, training, and certifications. This way, even small businesses can leverage a team of qualified IT personnel without having to hire internally or pay individual consultants. Managed support services handle all of this for you. 



5. Compliance assurance and risk protection

Many organizations have compliance or security standards they are required to meet by law—requirements that, unfortunately, change regularly. Failure to meet these evolving requirements can result in loss of business or fines and other penalties. 


A managed IT provider that has experience in your industry can provide expert guidance on compliance and crucial insight into industry-wide regulations and best practices. They will monitor evolving requirements and keep you informed, so you’re never caught off guard or hit with penalties. 



Summarized benefits of managed IT services 

  • Prevent IT issues instead of trying to pick up the pieces after they occur 
  • Access helpdesk support and a direct line to your dedicated IT expert
  • Create a reliable IT budget you can count on
  • Leverage a diverse team of experts in hardware, software, cybersecurity, and more
  • Stay informed and updated on evolving compliance and security standards



Make the switch to Jasco’s managed services offering 

Using Jasco’s Managed IT is just like adding a full-time team of computer and network support professionals to your company. We provide both remote monitoring and onsite support 24/7 for a flat monthly fee, which means you get unlimited access to expert IT support and a network at peak performance without any surprise expenses. 


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